Welcome to Starving Geeks dot com.

We are building a community site for technology people to put pages to peddle there services.

A place to connect users to local geeks, and to allow customers to rate the services rendered.

We are in the process of implementing Classified Ads on this site.

After we roll out the Classified Ads we will begin moving forward to a point where you will also be able to post a page for services that you always offer and have them attached to your profile.

We will allow people to rate your services with the highest ratings floating to the top.

We eat computers for breakfast.

Thanks for visiting;
Starving Geeks dot com development staff

I am a silly little ad.

WYSIWYG time I guess. This Ad should expire two weeks from now.

Image sizing to theme sizes is right around the corner.

If this expires as I expect it too, then we can do a voting system to add time to the post.

Calendar view with you ad's expiration dates?

Should we do events as well? Just another content type.

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